Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Week 1

Here I am, having to catch up again! 

Monday, June 3
We went to Jack & Jill today and Kairi got to meet Mrs. Linda, Mrs. Melissa, Ms. Ashleigh, Ms. Tamail, Ms. Todree, Ms. Kristen, and Ms. Mariah. She even got to hang out in her classroom for a little while because she got hungry and I had to feed her and Mrs. Linda changed her diaper! Lucas had a great time seeing a couple of friends from school in the Summer Camp classroom and got to play with them for a while. Then we went to Wal-Mart and Lucas was a big helper carrying the groceries.

Tuesday, June 4
We didn't make it to the weekly movie (Looney Tunes) because I still wasn't feeling great so I told Lucas we could go tomorrow.
This evening was our last baseball game and the boys enjoyed autographing baseballs so everyone could have a souvenir from the season. We didn't win the game but they had a good time, even Kairi. Lucas stayed the night with Nonnie.

Wednesday, June 5
I did not sleep well at all last night so instead of going to the theater, I picked up Lucas from Nonnie's and took him to pick a movie out of Redbox and pick some dollar candy at Wal-Mart. We watched Escape from Planet Earth and cleaned the house. Lucas did a great job cleaning the living room! Our reward for cleaning was swimming and Kairi enjoyed the water a little bit more than the first time. Nathan got the windows on my car tinted today.

Thursday, June 6
Nathan stayed home from work because he wasn't feeling well and he went to get new rims put on the car. They look great, but they were expensive! (I'm told they were actually cheap, as far as rims go, but still expensive to me!) The poker game was at our house tonight and a couple of old friends got to meet Kairi - Tim and Danny. She was very cranky so they got to see her unpleasant side!

Friday, June 7
Today my great friend Laura came over to watch Kairi while I took a break. She's been very cranky lately and hard to console, so I needed to get out of the house. This morning Lucas and Kairi had fun hanging out in the bedroom. Lucas was being a very sweet big brother and cuddling and playing with her. Lucas and I had lunch at Chick Fil A and I was very proud of him when he stood in line to get a refill all by himself. After lunch we went to Kohl's to get a Father's Day present for Nathan and then we went to Spoons. It was a great couple of hours but I missed Kairi very much and was happy to get back home to her. Of course, she had slept great for Laura, who didn't get to see her cranky side - Laura did our laundry for us because she was so "bored!" She hung around to keep Kairi occupied so I could pump. What a great friend! 

Saturday, June 8
Today we got up and went to Lowe's for a Build and Grow workshop. Lucas got a new apron, like the one from Home Depot, with a patch to put on it when he finished his project. Today we made Monsters Inc. scarers. He did a great job! Kairi slept most of the time - building isn't her thing yet. Then we walked around getting supplies for his garden box. He picked out a couple of cactus plants and some flowers. We also got flower pots to paint, which we did when we got home. He wanted to paint zig zags on his like I did mine (mine were chevron stripes). Later we went swimming and it was Kairi's second time in the pool. This time she had her new hat, swimsuit and float. She liked it for a little bit but didn't last too long. She seemed to like floating around and enjoyed the waves from the pool but soon she got sleepy and was all done! Nathan took Lucas to Nonnie's and he spent the next two days with her. 


Sunday, June 9
It rained today, and it was really nice! Nathan decided he needed to install gutters so I painted flower pots while he did that. Lucas decided to stay with Nonnie again and ended up swimming all day! He's my little fish! We've got to get Kairi liking the water so she can keep up with big brother! 

Monday, June 10
Today Kairi and I slept in and then went to get Lucas from Nonnie's house. After that we had lunch with Laura at Olive Garden and then went back to her house to hang out for a while. I fed Kairi and then she slept in Payden's swing for a while. Laura and I chatted about the upcoming school year and Lucas and Payden played with light sabers! Kairi sat in Daddy's lap for a while and he had her smiling huge at all his silly faces! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013



My summer started 7 weeks ago, but it was a different kind of vacation! Seven weeks of a quiet, calm house, just the girls: changing diapers, nursing, taking naps and keeping the house decently clean. Saturday started a wild, crazEy, LOUD vacation - that was Lucas's first day of Summer!

Saturday, June 1, 2013
We were supposed to go out of town to a retirement party for our High School band director, but I got sick and was miserable - not good for a 4 hour car trip! So my hubby graciously let me stay home and even took Lucas out of the house for a few hours and Kairi and I stayed in bed.
The boys went to home Depot and ran into the Kids Workshop and got to make a lawnmower.

They brought home a new ceiling fan and Chic Fil A for lunch. The rest of the day we lazied around the house and Lucas started his Summer Journal!


Sunday, June 2, 2013
Nathan got called into work at 5:30 in the morning and was gone until Midnight! We didn't get to do much because I was still feeling bad and had both the kids by myself so we lazied around again. That night, because Nathan was going to be so late, I told Lucas that we could have a slumber party. We made him a pallet on the floor at the end of our bed and we watched Ella Enchanted.


Monday, June 3, 2013
Today Nathan got to stay home so he took Lucas to see Star Trek like he had planned to do Sunday. Unfortunately, Nathan isn't a picture taker so I don't have any pictures from that to share with you! Kairi and I just sat around the house, me still trying to get better and her doing what she does best - Look cute!!! Here's some pictures of her, just so you have something to look at!


Now we're all caught up! Lucas is catching up on his journal too (I made him a deal that I would write in my journal (blog) while he wrote in his, every morning, before we started our day.) and then we're headed out! Today's agenda: Jack & Jill so Kairi can meet her teachers and Wal-Mart to pick up pictures and supplies for today crafts - Lucas's Kindergarten Binder and our Summer Photo Album - and the last baseball game of the season tonight! Pictures to come! :D

QUOTE OF THE DAY: We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stationery Card

Monogram Ribbon Girl Birth Announcement
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And the Spending begins.......
Look what I just scored on Amazon! Instead of paying $40 for ONLY the set of 26 AlphaTales books, I found a Big Book with all 26 in one, an audio CD of the stories and a Teaching Guide that includes mini versions of each book for the students to reproduce - all for $40!! 

I also found these great items at Michael's! Note the 100th Day Certificates that match my Owl theme and the puzzles and sorting blocks for Learning Centers! :)

Today I've been working on my "Brain Breaks" and "Monster Stomp" activities 
and I just finished making these labels!

Now, just waiting "patiently" til I can move all these 
great things I'm making into my room!

~~~~ Have a great day! ~~~~

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meet Noche the Owl!

I came up with this idea when I was reading through the Kinder TEKS and found that students had to learn Writing Conventions (tenses, nouns, descriptive words, prepositions). Because my classroom theme is owls, I found the picture below and thought it would be great to project and use for this lesson. We can describe the owl and his surroundings, talk about how he is "on the branch" and "in the tree." While I was writing the lesson, I thought it would be fun to have a class "pet" owl, since it goes along with our theme. Enter -- "Noche" the Owl! I purchased him online and can't wait for school to start so I can introduce him to his new friends! I picked his name wisely (haha!) to teach a Mini Spanish Lesson! :) 
Any other fun ideas for owls or conventions? Post comments below! :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sneaky Peek!

So, thanks to Mrs. Ewers I got to see my classroom this week! I feel such a sense of "ownership" and pride! Since then, I have been mentally arranging it and drawing a rough sketch on the page allotted in my Erin Condren lesson plan book - have I told you how much I LOVE this thing?? So here is a Smilebox collage with some Before pictures! Can't wait to have more to post for you!

Friday, June 22, 2012